GT 1000 & 2000
Course Schedules

GT 1000 is open to all first-year students. Sections are offered in Fall, Spring, and Late Short Summer semesters. Discipline-specific sections are open only to students with the declared major (unless otherwise noted in the below schedule.)

GT 2000 is open to all incoming transfer students. To register for a section of GT 2000 outside of FASET registration times, email your name and last 7 digits of your GTID to to request a registration permit.

GT 1000 Sections Types

There are three types of GT 1000 sections: interdisciplinary, discipline-specific, and cohort-specific. Click below to learn more about each of these three section types (all GT 2000 courses are interdisciplinary).

Interdisciplinary Sections

Interdisciplinary sections of GT 1000 are open to first-year students in any major. These sections are generally taught by campus administrators with advanced degrees and knowledge of first-year transition issues.

Discipline-Specific Sections

Discipline-specific sections are offered within a school or college and restricted to students in those majors (or to students who are strongly considering a certain major). These sections are typically taught by faculty in those departments and have a stronger focus on that particular major. 

Cohort Sections

Cohort GT 1000 sections are for first-year students who are part of a specific program, such as Living Learning Communities or the Honors Program students. Permits are required for cohort sections. These sections are taught by both faculty and administrators who are involved in the particular programs.