GT 2000 Fall Course Schedule

To request a permit to register for GT 2000, please send your name and GT ID# to

**Permit restrictions for GT 2000 will be lifted during FASET registration on July 28-30, and August 16. **

87005GT 2000Wallaert, KerryM11001150CULC262
87006GT 2000 TR4Climes, NinaTH14001450CULC129
94401GT 2000 TR3Perez, NickW14001450Skiles269
89993GT 2000 TR5Hulst, BrettW11001150CULC325
87426GT 2000 T14Hodges, LacyM14001450CULC131
87716GT 2000 T10Belmonte, SusanF09301020CULC323